What my clients say

Laura Reid
Ethics Supply Co - Founder & CEO

“Maddie is one of the best graphic artists we’ve ever had. There isn’t anything she can’t do. She’s worked on just about everything we’ve needed from packaging design to our catalog, help with our website, product photography, it all comes natural to her. She’s efficient, talented and a joy to work with. She helped us launch Ethics into what it is today, to say she’s been invaluable is an understatement. We can’t speak highly enough of her, her daily presence in our warehouse is greatly missed, but we are still so grateful to be able to continue to work with her remotely. Maddie is amazing in every way as an artist and now a friend, she never disappoints.”

Allison M Callis
Witmark Group Co Founder

“Madeline is a fantastic designer, she captures with ease a vision and takes it to the next level. She is creative and bright and lends a fantastic eye to any project. She is easy to work with, follows directions at the same time giving excellent insight that you may not have thought about. We highly recommend her and any company would be lucky to work with her!”

Loodt Buchner
Bellevue Forest Reserve

“A great graphic designer that is imaginative. Her turnaround time is amazing, the quality of work is excellent. Madeline Mack is one of the most innovative, professional, principled and FUN people I have ever had the privilege to work with on projects! She makes projects stand out visually and creates graphics that resonate and are memorable. Two Thumbs Up, Give her a shot, you won’t be disappointed!”

Marjorie Large
WitMark Group

"Maddie has an exceptional eye for detail, is creative, and efficient. She is important to our team and helps communicate key messages visually. We are grateful for her talent and vision! Thanks for everything, Maddie!"

Ethics Supply Co
WitMark Group
Bellevue Forest Reserve
Naturalis DOG
Ikwanitsha Lodge